Use AI-powered Truein solution for safe, secure and simplified entry.

Visiting and Govt ID Card


Invite and Pre Register

Visitor Tracking

Why Truein

Technology Advantage

The system is powered by our proprietary inScan technology. We leverage recent developments in AI and Secure cloud technologies.

Give better guest Experience

Seamless entry for your visitors with fast check-in. Upgrade your VMS to Truein advantage.

Enhance Security

Truein creates first-line of defence at the entry. The system is designed specifically with Security in mind.

Meet Safety compliances

Maintain meticulous visitor logs. Alerts for Evacuation, Overstay and other safety checks.

Boost Efficiency

Save your time and efforts significantly. Auto-capture visitor details, host notification and approvals right from your mobile.

Touchless Face recognition based Employee Attendance

In current times, a safe touchless entry for your employee is an important safety measure. Truein has been already leading in Face recognition technologies in the entrance domain from past 4 years. It’s a robust, accurate and secure attendance system.


Face recognition based

100% Robust, Accurate and Secure

No Hardware required

Runs on any Android or iOS device.

Admin app, anytime access

Web & Mobile App based for staff insights – in-outs, dept-wise, late comers trend, and more.

Staff Attendance using own mobile

Geo-fenced. Face based.

Integration with other System

Seamless API based integration with other systems like HR & payroll.

Rules & Compliance

Half day mark, Over time, Long absence alerts and more.

Contract Workers Attendance and Management

In current times, a safe touchless entry for your contract stagg is an important safety measure.


Face recognition based

100% Robust, Accurate and Secure

Compliances and rules

OT, PH, half-day, entry restrictions.

Real-time Reports

Comprehensive and automated.

Add new employees in seconds

On the spot on the tablet.

OT and Shift timing auto-managed

Designed to manage working hours spanning across two days.


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