Founded by research we are a life science company specialising in Biostatistics, Data analytics and Visualisation. Based out of Melbourne, Australia, we focus on market development, product and solution offerings, and innovative technologies. In collaboration with our partners, we can also assist in structuring, formulating and execution of R&D, innovation.

Our Approach

We strive to simplify, innovate and automate Clinical Development Informatics to Accelerate the Delivery of New Treatments. We achieve this by taking a holistic approach through system modelling, integrating critical thinking, and applying cutting-edge statistical techniques including computational ‘machine learning’ techniques such as Artificial Intelligence (Ai) and Machine Learning (ML).

Via this method we derive data insights by analysing multidimensional data sets used in biotechnology, population genetics, clinical analysis, and pharma, leading to Predictive Preventive Personalised Healthcare and Health management of Human and Animal.

Our business model is to combine intellectual property, analysis, and product development through in house and collaborative research & development initiatives in life sciences and big data analysis to enable our customers to translate their digital potential into business results with premium quality customised software delivered on demand.

Platform Approach to Health and Lifesciences

Clarion Analytics Omni Ai platform is widely utilised as the platform of choice in several industry sectors including life science and Bio-Agriculture. It helps collect, extract, normalise and present data from a variety of field and flow data. This BI data is then cleansed, normalised, and presented for both Technical and Business purposes. We understand that such a platform is beyond the reach of several research organisations and hence Clarion Analytics Offers its Omni Ai platform as a SaaS model.

Industry Collaboration

Committed to Simplify, Innovate and Automate Clinical Development to Accelerate the Delivery of New Treatments using Bioinformatics, we place a high value in collaborative partnerships with leading scientific, commercial groups and clinical practitioners, and partners.

We have a network of local and international partners whom provides us with the ability to offer our customers additional capabilities include next-generation sequencing, biosimilars, nutraceuticals, Nanotechnology, in Human Health and Agribusiness to develop and formulate innovative life sciences solutions by making advances in “Big Data for Life Sciences”, “Nanotechnology”, “Next Generation Sequencing”, “Clinical applications”, “Bio nutrition”, “Biosimilars”, “Protein Technology for Drug Discovery”, and “Agri-technology”.

With the assistance of our Global partner network, we continue to build an integrated, systems biology approach of capabilities, products, infrastructure, and technology that allows for and facilitates cross communication between numerous disciplines, leading to unique and state-of-the-art solutions.

Our history

At our core we are an R&D company, conducting R&D by harnessing, promoting and execution in the areas of Health, Life & Biotechnology, Biosecurity with the inclusion of human health, Animal health, plant, and soil health through a rigorous application of technology and security audit.

Our Founders are industry leaders in their relative field of expertise, including telecommunication, Life Science, Bio Structure and Programming, and Bio-Data Management. They bring to the company a vast wealth of experiences in Biosecurity, Life Sciences, Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology capabilities, combined with Corporate and Small Business learnings.

Clarion Analytics Founders and its Partners bring in a spectrum of expertise to develop, analyse and manage P4 initiatives. Specifically, Clarion Analytics Partner EDETEK brings in its wide range of Data Analysis, Data Visualisation and Data Analytics capabilities in managing a wide range of Health and Lifesciences Data sets across multiple domains, including Digitisation and Clinical Management for New discoveries, from a small lab to a large-scale Biopharma Clinical Trials.

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