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Clarion Analytics (CA) is a service-based company operating within the Bio-Agri and Life Science domain. CA provides services around real time data capture, data normalisation, storage and reporting, data science and process mining for clients across the Asia Pacific Region.

A member of the Steinbeis Global Technology Accelerator (SGTA), Clarion Analytics is also involved in identifying promising start-ups in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics technology with emphasis in the Bio Agri and Life Science Domain and take them to the next level of pilot projects, commercialisation and utilise its global partner presence to identifying global markets for them.

CA takes to market its services via two steams, its world innovative products branded as AuAi and the Clarion Omni Ai platform- a SaaS based platform specifically designed to bring innovation and reduce operating cost to the Bio -Agri and Life Science sector of the market.

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