Clarion enables real-time actions with Internet of Things(IoT) Development.

Fast track into an embracing industry 4.0 . Clarion creates the smart connect between people,machine and process for synchronous functioning using IoT development. Our cross-functional experts help you harness the right IoT technology stack to build data-rich software solutions for connected vehicles, smart facilities, personal devices, industrial purposes, and beyond.


Bring all your Internet connected devices under one real-time range with a broad spectrum of connectivity options.


Have your own central console to keep a tab on the functioning, performance and connectivity of IoT devices.


Gain access to predictive information on possible downtimes to plan preventive actions.

Our IoT Services


  • Device-to-Device, Device-to-Server and Device-to-Cloud connectivity , securely

  •  Platforms integration – eg Middleware

  • Indoor positioning services using BLE etc

  • Precision navigation technology using GPS etc

  • Drones and unmanned vehicles

  • Connected vehicles and telematics

  • Connected  smart home solutions

What we do

Clarion team of experts will work with your team to analyse and define your specific requirements, before proposing custom IoT solution . Our IoT development service helps you maximise the value of your data, then transform it into tangible business efficiencies that allow you to deliver the best possible product and services.

We’ll provide you with a team of software engineers and UI/UX experts to develop and build an customized  IoT-supported infrastructure, or to help you make smart systems substitutions that allow you to get the most from connected devices.

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